Anyone that loves traveling knows that one major thing to consider is your mode of transport, once you have landed of course. So it is only natural that I am always in the lookout for an unexpected cool car.

I got to enjoy riding around the big city of Johannesburg in the ultra-cool Suzuki Ignis, and these were my thoughts:

What I loved about the car:

  • Fuel efficiency comes in at number one for obvious reasons, to go further and cover more mileage with a single full tank: The Suzuki Ignis has a 1,2-litre four-cylinder engine / A full tank would totally last me all month!
  •  The high tech features had me at ” Press Start” from the easy Apple CarPlay option and the reverse camera with rear parking sensos, all these features made the Ignis such a smooth ride.
  • The boot space! For us girls, this is a major make or break. Not to say we plan to clutter the boot or the entire car for that matter, but a girl must have options… right?
  • The Compact SUV feel of the car, made me want to take it off road for an adventure, the car felt steady when driven and that definitely made me feel more ” grownish”.
  • Th features of the car didn’t feel in any way overwhelming… but rather every detail of the car felt well thought through.

The Suzuki Ignis was indeed a fun ride, as I parked my car for a week and was okay with it collecting dust. Would I recommend this car to a first-time driver who wants all the cool modern features that come with an SUV, without feeling like they drive a dramatically big car? totally.

Loved every minute of my week in the Suzuki Ignis, can’t wait to spend a week with it’s bigger brother: The Suzuki Jimmy.

To more adventures!

Love & Light,

Lesedi Dawn.

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