Sarah Langa x Woolworths Spring 2016
Sarah Langa x Woolworth’s Spring 2016

So spring has finally arrived yay! It’s warmer from the early hours and well into the night. We are all slowly but surely getting into some sort of festive mood- South African’s have Heritage day on the 24th of September which usually means a day with family and friends around a feisty Braai (oh I cannot wait). However between Festive weekends and chilled Sunday’s there’s work, for most of us that’s a 9-5 job Monday to Friday. So how does one continue to stay “focused” and “formal” when every bit of us wants to be in a bikini on the beach? Today I’ll be sharing with you tried and tested ways to still look work worthy even with the spring / summer break fever:  What to wear to the office in spring / summer:

Jeans & chinos : these will become your best friend I tell you- get a few pairs that fit you well and ones you are comfortable with being in all day. Black, Navy and a light denim colour are just a few classy stables you can invest in. If you aren’t afraid to play a bit with colour: Army green is a stunning bold choice to experiment with.

Accessorize!!! : An outfit is never fully complete without accessories right? Spring allows you to have a little more fun with your look and if you prefer a minimalistic look then accessories will proof to be the perfect touch when completing your look. Whether you are a bangle- free spirited kind of girl or an edgy neck choker girl: play around with a few pieces to find what best works for you.

2. Sarah Langa x Woolworths Spring 2016
2. Sarah Langa x Woolworth’s Spring 2016

Body con cotton dresses: As tempting as it is to wear a floral dress with butterflies every day, please don’t on a Monday morning. If you are a dress lover: The latest trend of body con cotton dresses may fit your style just well. Go for solid colours such as a light grey, pastels or bold colours (depending on what work environment or industry you are in).

Bikini bottoms and bra: Obviously not alone! But under your serious and formal clothes you can have fun! No one needs to know your underwear is inspired by the Caribbean except you! Not only will you giggle all day like you are hiding a secret but you will also be in a very good mood which is something your co-workers can benefit from (so if anyone mistakenly finds out, tell them to please not judge). NB do not do this in a white shirt…for obvious reasons.

Happy feet : Although you may not get away with wearing flip flops to work ( I don’t think anyone would want to, so awkward) you can still feel the breeze between your toes by opting for cut up pumps instead of closed shoes. Cut out pumps are both perfect for summer and the office. They can look very laid back yet chic!

That’s it for now! Share with us what other summer fashion items do you plan on wearing to the office?

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