I had a dream about my outfit for today (as usual) and woke up with such enthusiastic energy because I wouldn’t have to spend the next 2 hours picking out an outfit to wear at work. I had bought a pair of black stockings 2 months ago and this was the time to put them into action….

I placed the stockings on my bed alongside with my black&white printed dress, denim jacket and my black leather boots on the floor just to get a blueprint view on how the outfit would look. So as I am wearing my stockings I get a sense that they’re actually too small for me…. but I keep going. I mean they stockings, right? surely they can stretch. Aaaand nope, they did not.

The problem with only having plan A and strongly believing in your plan A, is that the alternative plan won’t have ‘Thaat thing’. So now you end up sulking over the fact the main idea did not work out. But eureka!! I found a way of turning your normal stockings into thigh-high socks.



Firstly, you will need:

-Pair of black stalkings


– Pins

-Needle and thread *optional

– Elastic thread *optional

Image: chumbasanai


image: chumbasanai


1. Place your pair of stockings on a flat surface then add the pins on them as a way of marking how high you want the tights to be. Do this for both legs and make sure they are both leveled. It’s preferable to start at the very top, below the hip of the stocking.

2. Take your scissors and start cutting, carefully. Once you done, stretch the cut ends of the socks until they slightly roll.

3. This sewing process is optional to those on want their thigh-high stockings to be tight fighting at the top and not be loose once you start walking.

*sew on elastic to the ends of the socks rather than stretching them out.

Image: chumbasanai



And that’s it! you’re done and ready to take over your working space.



If you want to share your own personal experience of an outfit meltdown and how you overcame it, do comment on MeAndLeora.co.za



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