I first met Pamela in July 2017 at the launch of Bonang Matheba’s book: From A to B at the Santon City Diamond Walk. Having recently went to her latest Collection Launch, an Interview followed naturally. I always like to share the story behind the Entrepreneur and their brand.

 1. So Pamela, tell me about yourself and where you come from? 

I am Pamela Ifeneme – Nwosa, I am from Nigeria and I moved to South Africa in 2013 to study fashion Design & Marketing at Lisof. My plan initially was to study and then move back home however, in 2016 I met my (now) husband and we got married.

2. Tell us about your brand and where it all started? 

I started Jideka officially in 2017, and the core of the brand has always been to create contemporary African clothing. 

Our focus is on making clothing that is both functional and trans – seasonal. By functional I mean that any of our pieces can be worn to work, dressed down, when going out with friends or attending a prominent event. 

Trans – Seasonal clothing is created with the idea that it can be worn in Winter with a complementing coat and it the summer time (without the coat of course) and any other season in between. 

3. What are your views on trends? 

As a brand, we definitely do acknowledge trends. However we try not to follow them, at times trends can be incorporated into our designs however, our signature has always been creating timeless pieces. 

4. Who do you dress, is your brand gender specific? 

We have a menswear and women’s wear line and may launch a different range that is exciting in the future.

 5. What would you say is your typical women? 

Jideka women have different faces. 

They are fearless! And bold. Our core target age is 25 – 45 however we cater to women of all ages. The Jideka female tribe is Fearless, Bold, Ambitious and driven. She lives a certain lifestyle and she is always on the go.

 6. So what is next for Brand Jideka? 

Our short term goal is having a larger foot print in Africa. We would like to showcase at the Lagos Fashion Show

Long term: We aim to create a sustainable brand with a global footprint and reach by going international. 

7. Where are you based, and how do we reach you?

Our studio is based in Fourways, and visits can be scheduled by appointment. 

People can reach us through our website: jidekaofficial.com or email me on PAM@JIDEKAOFFICIAL.COM

we can connect on Instagram @pamelaifeneme_ 

For more fashion Follow the brand on Instagram @JidekaOfficial

There you have it!

What stood out most to me about Pamela Is her grit, her charisma and her daring nature.

Her ability to merge African Print with modern and clean tailoring speaks for itself.

Jet set with JIDEKA. A fashion brand with global appeal. 

Thank you Pamela for taking time to share your brand story. 

We look forward to seeing more from Jideka in the future. 

That is it from me, Lesedi.

XO Lesedi Dawn

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