Paradise has a way of turning you into the calmest person on earth. When you think of Mauritius, one tends to associate it with blue endless ocean views, evergreen palm trees, and the warmest sun one’s skin could ever feel.


I am here to confirm, that all of the above is indeed true. Mauritius is glorious!!! From sunrise to sunset, each moment is pure bliss. Although my experience was for work ( a destination wedding) one cannot be on an island and not feel it’s warmth, it’s simply contagious.

We flew out on an afternoon flight, 13h30pm from O.R Tambo to Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport (Mauritius’ International Airport).  Although our flight was scheduled to take about 4 – 5 hrs, once airborne the time was updated to 3h30min.

SLOW Lounge O.R Tambo International Airport
SLOW Lounge O.R Tambo International Airport

From the flight to the landing, the overall experience was amazing. With Mauritius being 2 hours ahead of South Africa, we landed at 18h30pm. We went through immigration and were then shuttled to our hotel, Four Seasons  Resort Mauritius at Anahita, and had checked in by 9 pm.

Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport, Mauritius
Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport, Mauritius

One thing that stood out the most for me relating to Mauritian people is their humanity. Their service level is incomparable. The entire island feels like one community and regardless of the fact that they have such diverse religious beliefs from Christianity, Hindu, Muslim etc, they all live in perfect harmony.


If you are one for adventure and trying out new food, then Mauritius is for you. They have the best blend of Indian and Asian cuisine, considering that they are surrounded by the Indian Ocean: This made perfect sense to me.  What I found to be interesting was how some food elements were so similar to South Africa in taste.



With the  South African Rand being R2.59 to the Mauritian Rupee, one would assume everything would be Rand friendly right? however depending on where you stay: expect to spend: R500 for a meal/drinks excluded.  For a full experience without burning a hole in your pocket, I’d recommend trying out the local restaurants, that way you also will get a more authentic feel and experience of the area.


Fried rice and pineapple for breakfast, although this may look more like a lunch meal, it was divine as breakfast!

Palm trees everywhere, like literally. Although some consider the island weather to be humid, I for one: love that type of weather, your natural hair soaks in the moisture and your skin starts glowing!!



Beach front, Mauritius
Beachfront, Mauritius

What felt like only 2 days in paradise was just 2 days shy of a week in paradise. I now get why people travel, it’s the experiences that make us see life differently.

To more traveling!!

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Stay blessed.

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