As I arrived at the Thyme on Nicol in Sandton, a restaurant I hadn’t tried before but was willing to give a shot as it was Babalwa’s recommendation… Parked and I begin walking to the Restuarant, upon arrival I ask for a table for two somewhere outside cause it’s always cooler right? The waiter then says to me ” there is a lady as beautiful as you sitting outside and she also asked for a table for two…. is there a chance the two of you are meeting?” Who would have guessed it.

Babalwa Mabona
Babalwa Mabona

I hadn’t seen Babz in almost a year since our visit to the Legends Golf and Safari Resort which happens to be where we met, I think it was around June/July 2016.

Legends Golf and Safari Resort
Legends Golf and Safari Resort
Legends Golf and Safari Resort
Legends Golf and Safari Resort



We order our smoothies and begin chatting up a storm, before we knew it: we had ordered sushi and hadn’t even began with any of the questions for her feature on

Me and Leora.

Lunch selfies: Lesedi and Babz
Lunch selfies: Lesedi and Babz

I pull out my Journal that I got from Typo (I take it with me everywhere it’s the coolest). With the notion of keeping the interview very casual and free flowing I didn’t come with any pre set questions for the Interview as I wanted Babalwa to speak from the heart.

Lunch with X Babalwa Mabona:

Q & A

Q 1: Who is Babalwa?

A: I am a small town girl from the Eastern Cape  and I was raised with love under the tender wings of my grand parents, which coming to think of it, that is what probably forced me to be as independent as I am today. Growing up in a house full of so many kids ( my cousins and i) I had to find a way to express myself and I was able to do that through sports.

Q 2: And what sports did you play?

A: I played a lot of sports hey, I was very active in school. However my main sport was water polo which I loved and enjoyed! It was fun and in a way challenging which drew me more to the sport. You know when preparing for competitions one has to be in their best shape at all times. That level of discipline has alway stuck with me.

Babz Mabona
Babz Mabona

Q 3: So tell us about what you do?

A: I am doing my honors this year at Wits in Finance and will be graduating soon for completion of my B.Com Degree ( I had a triple major in: Marketing, Insurance and Corporate Finance). I came to Joburg to pursue my studies and found myself modeling as well so i guess one can say I do both: Wits student and model, yeah.

Q 4: Do you still model?

A: Yeah I do, well partially that is. I guess my focus is shifting a bit, I want to focus on swimsuit and fitness and I find that to be more fun and more of a challenge. It’s a world I want to discover a bit more, I entered a swimsuit competition and that’s sort of where it all began: In a way, that competition opened me up to so many new opportunities and gave me a bit of exposure in a way I did not expect, I got to work with more photographers and brands that I absolutely love.

Q 5: Girl, what is your current work out routine?

A: Haha, you know every time I get asked that question, I am always careful on how I answer it.  I’d advise anyone thinking of creating a workout routine to take into account two things:

1. Your body type

2. Know what your goal is, that way you are not just aimlessly training.

I am happy to share mine though: So basically i like to do 6 cardio sessions a week and 3 weight training sessions a week. I find it easiest to train first thing in the morning and my sessions are anything between(45 min – 60 min).  That is if I am focused religiously and on top of my training. I like working out my legs and hate having to do arms, like leg days are my favorite and I always squeeze in time to do a few core exercises.

Model Babalwa Mabona
Model Babalwa Mabona

Q 6: And what do you eat?

A: Honestly… diet is what I struggle with. I know myself, I am like very good at training but I love chocolate, but I have been really good lately: I haven’t had any chocolate in 2 months. Yes I had a cupcake yesterday, cause I felt like something sweet! (but that doesn’t count).

My body seems to thrive on greens and fresh fruits like apples, grapes and mangoes.

I try not to buy stuff that is generally not good for my health or body cause if you have them in the house, you will eat them right?

Frozen Mixed berry smoothies: Image Cred: Babalwa

                                      Frozen Mixed berry smoothies: Image Cred: Babalwa

Q 7: Final tips on living a healthy lifestyle?

A: Drink lots and lots of water, soon enough your body begins to crave it. If you want to make exercise a part of your school or work life, I would say plan: I know if I don’t make it to gym in the morning, I will push it out till as late as possible. I feel like having a set of activities at a certain time forces you to be more committed, like if you know you need to show up for class at 9am, you will. In the same way: Take a gym class you enjoy or schedule an activity that you love, that way it is something you look forward to.

Swimsuit model - Babalwa MabonaSwimsuit model – Babalwa Mabona

After a few questions were answered, our waiter notified us that the restaurant would be closing soon… we hadn’t realized how much time had passed…and before we knew it we had to pack up. I left feeling inspired not to postpone me next workout session at gym and maybe to take better care of myself health wise.

We all can make time for gym and eating healthy, it’s all about how much will power we have and what drives up to achieve a certain goal.Thanks a lot Babalwa for making time for our lunch meet up, See you soon!

Hopefully you found this article interesting and inspiring.

Remember to live a healthy and happy! #Bodygoals

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