Traveling can be really stressful, especially during the month of April for South Africans. Although we have plenty of public holidays during the month of April, leaving town can be a nightmare, booking flights becomes more expensive and everything else too!

travel ready
travel ready | Sky High – Flight view | Source: Pinterest

Booking yourself a mani or pedi in a foreign town or city can be a bit of a chore so most of us may prefer getting our nails done locally (like myself, Hey Sorbet!) before traveling. How cool is it that Sorbet offers a “nail trippin’ combo” where you can book a Power Mani Plus a power pedi and instead of paying R510, you pay R410 (Saving R100). I absolutely love the play on words… “nail trippin”

splash nail colors at Sorbet

                                   Sorbet Long wear nail polish trends

With so many colours to choose from, one would be temped to do the “nail trippin’ combo” with no plans of leaving town because the offer is just that good. I on the other hand, will be heading to the mother city/ Cape Town for the long weekend and may take Sorbet up on the offer!

sorbet travel essentials

                                                  sorbet travel essentials

The travel ready combos end on the 27th of April, have a look at their website for other travel combo savers.

What’s your favorite nail colour shade for the autumn season? Are you a Red, pink/ pop of colour girl or a little subtle yet bold: Navy, nudes and darker shades? Let us know what your fave colour for the season is, we would love to know! And be sure to get your share of the travel ready combos.

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