Lesotho is ruled by a constitutional monarchy and is one of the 3 remaining kingdoms in Africa (the others are Morocco and Swaziland). King Letsi III is the reigning king of Lesotho since 1990.

I thought to throw in some history there. If you will be visiting Lesotho for a number of days, what you pack will be highly influenced by what season you plan to visit in. 

In Summer: October – April 

  • Except 85% rainfall, especially in the mountain areas 
  • The hottest period being January – February 
  • Lightweight clothing is sufficient in order to beat the heat and enjoy the day
  • With warmer clothing recommended as the temperatures drop dramatically in the evening or overnight. 
  • Waterproof clothing is suggested for the adventurous during the rainy season 

Top 10 Packing List in the Summer:  

  1. Sunscreen 
  2.  Sun Hat // One that offers full coverage 
  3. Layering Tank Tops and Essential Tops 
  4. Comfortable Pants // Chinos, Jeans or other pants 
  5. A light scarf to cover up when the sun is too harsh or temperatures begin to drop 
  6. A water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day 
  7. Comfortable shoes, boots if hiking or normal sneakers and trainers for walks 
  8. Rain coat / waterproof jacket for light day time drizzle 
  9. Swimwear + a day time towel ( for waterfall dips)
  10. A day time back pack 

In Winter: May – September 

  • Snow is apparent in the highlands 
  • The lowest point above sea level in Lesotho is 1500 meters, making it the country with the highest low point in the world.

Top 10 Packing List in the Winter:  

  1. Sunscreen 
  2. Thermal Socks, spare socks and scarfs 
  3. Normal (knit wool / cotton gloves) & winter (thermal)  gloves
  4. Sweaters, knitwear & hoodies for layering purposes 
  5. Long sleeve essential tops for layering options 
  6. Thermal pants, stockings, jeans and cotton tracksuits
  7. Waterproof bomber jacket 
  8. Skiing boots if skiing is on your list 
  9. Day bag pack to carry day time essentials more easily
  10. Comfortable shoes or boots if hiking or normal sneakers or trainers for walks 

How easy was our packing list?

Lesotho is a beautiful in land country that offers majestic views and the opportunity to ski in the winter, making it one of 4 (with the others being Algeria, Morocco and Tiffindell). 

Keep in mind that temperatures can drop as low as – 2 in the winter time, so pack warm and create memories!

Our Lesotho Winter Trip is scheduled for Friday, 5th– Monday the 8thof July 2019. 

We have a few spots still available. Don’t miss out on the fine, join in on an adventure of a lifetime. 

For bookings and more, email: info@meandleora.co.za

The World Awards, 

Love & Light, Lesedi Dawn. 

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