Sorbet Douglasdale
Sorbet Douglasdale

There is something amazing about getting a facial. I don’t know if it is the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you know you are finally taking better care of your skin, or knowing you can sit back and relax for a while, with mindless thoughts and ideas freely flowing in and out requiring very little focus. Or maybe it’s that feeling you get during your facial when you can literary feel your pores opening up and the dry and dead skin falling off…

Okay maybe I am over exaggerating a bit, but you know what I mean right? Aww man it just a good feeling.

dermalogica skin care  products
dermalogica skin care products

So I recently stopped my local Sorbet, in Douglasdale and got myself a Dermalogica 60 minute facial. As embarrassing as it may seem, I will admit: At 23, this was honestly my first official / professional facial. I know some start earlier but hey, some start later too! But I am glad I started now. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take better care of my skin and create some sort of skin care routine that would fit easily into my busy days, and I guess getting facials is a good place to start.

Obviously not knowing what to expect, I went in for my appointment with an open mind. I first had to fill in some form where basically you are asked questions relating to your skin type, products you currently use or if maybe you have any trouble areas or allergies. I was then led by my beauty therapist into one of the rooms with calming music playing which immediately put me at ease.

dermalogica skincare products
dermalogica skincare products

She explained each step, what product was being used after she had done my face mapping analyses under a very bright light. It’s so funny because I always believed I had dry skin (you know the kind that never gets pimples and requires little to no attention)… oh was I in for a shock! Turns out my skin is actually dehydrated (lacking moisture) with clogged pores.

Unlike a neck and back massage where you can just zone out and relax, a facial allows you to still relax but also you get to learn about your skin and how to take better care of it.

Dermalogica Face mapping at sorbet
Dermalogica Face mapping at sorbet

Investing in your skin is a conscious decision one makes. We not getting any younger ladies! Invest in your skin today by booking yourself regular facials and your future self with thank you! Here’s to drinking more water to stay hydrated, daily facial cleansing +  moisturising and to monthly Dermalogica facials at Sorbet!

*Thanks to Nombali at Sorbet Douglasdale for my amazing facial (my skin is still glowing).

What’s your skincare routine? Is it simple and straight forward or more detailed and intricate? Every face has a story, I just shared mine, what’s yours?

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6 thoughts on “Dermalogica facials at Sorbet”

  1. My current skincare routine is based on the fact that I’m still completing acne treatment.

    In the morning, I’ll give it a quick wash to refresh my face. I’m not too fussy about what I wash it with, as long as it’s not drying or irritating to my dry, sensitive skin. I’m currently using the Soap and Glory Vitamin C wash. Thereafter I spritz on a toner which includes rose water in it to add moisture back. From there I use a mixture of face serums (including the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair) and let that sink in. I follow up with a generic night cream I got from Dischem (it’s not rich enough for me to call a night cream) and Vitamin E sunscreen essence from The Body Shop. My eye cream at present is The Body Shop Vitamin E one.

    At night I double cleanse. I start by using the Garnier Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water on 2 cotton pads. I then use the Nivea cream wash for dry sensitive skin to remove make up traces. I follow up with the Soap and Glory wash with my Clarisonic Aria. I use the same toner from the morning but on a cotton pad. I use the face serums again and follow up with Differin acne treatment and a retinol face oil mix. I then use that night cream from the morning and top it off with SBL cream to seal in moisturizer.

    Active break outs are treated with tea tree oil gel. Twice a week I give myself an at home facial. On those days, I don’t use my Clarisonic nor do I double cleanse to avoid overcleansing. Day 1 facial products are Guinot AHA Green Tea Peeling Radiance Gel, The Body Shop Himalayan Clay mask and the Ethiopian Honey mask. Day 2 facial products are Lush Ocean Salt scrub and Sanctuary Spa Radiance Peel Mask and Flash Facial.

    1. Dear Dineo,

      Thank you so much for sharing with us your skin care routine.
      It is very detailed and I think we learnt a thing or two, hopefully our readers did too.

      Your radiant skin is evident of the good skin care routine you have going on. Keep glowing!

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