The morning started off quite peacefully as I had already known I have Breakfast Event. I started off at our Head Offices in Bryanton to check in with the team before making my way to the event.

Upon arrival, the Buitengeluk venue at the Broadares Lifestyle Centre took me by surprise ( a beautiful hidden gem) that I did not know about, despite only living 10 minutes away. I walked through the venue and out into the garden area, following the voices I could hear of other Bloggers, Influencers and Storytellers like myself chatting away. The setting was BEAUTIFUL and BOLD which can be expected when one thinks of DARK & LOVELY.

An intimate setting is always the best way to bring a group of women together, this allowed for an easy flow in conversation. The Marketing Manager for Dark & Lovely gave a talk on the Natural Hair Care Market of South Africa and shared some really incredible insights. Tshepiso Mafisa, the PR Coordinator for Dark & Lovely spoke well on the brand, it’s new innovations as well as who the brand is for as well as what it represents: Strong – Fearless – Bold Women (of all hair types).

I love that they have stuck/went back to the PURPLE we have all grown to know and love, as well as the price point of their Natural Hair Care range. I honestly believe that Natural Hair Care should not be as expensive as it has become and that the products should be accessible to more women, of all ages (young and old/working and still in school).

Embracing my natural hair has allowed me to see my beauty for what it is, skin deep and natural. I cannot wait to try out their product range (i will share my review on my Instagram stories @Lesedidawn) As well as leave a highlight, should you come to my page at a later time.

Thank you so much to the DARK & LOVELY AFRICA team for hosting us, it is beautiful to see a brand we grew up with, evolve and still remain relatable.

The DARK & LOVELY AU NATURALE range is available at your local Clicks, Dischem and Checkers.

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