My birthday month (November) has finally come around and although I am generally one to celebrate every birthday, as I consider it a big deal… 25 is really a BIG DEAL.

It is literally half way to 50 (cry with me) but being alive for 25 years, is proof that 25 is indeed a long time so I have nothing to worry about. I have always been one for “lists” “goals” and even more “bucket lists” as for me this is a way to challenge myself and measure up against my own standards.

Below is my list of 25 things to do before 25:

1. Travel to another continent (August 2018 – Thailand, South Asia)

2. Dye or bleach hair a completely different color (December 2017- Blonde pixie)

3. Big Chop (February 2018 – Cause I had never seen my natural curl patten- wow)

4. Start retirement planning (July 2018 – Compound interest is the 8th wonder)

5. Master a monthly budget ( January 2018 – I keep a digital budget: 50 – 30 – 20 rule)

6. Cancel gym and find an exercise you enjoy ( October 2018 – Running + yoga)

7. Go to the Apartheid Museum ( October 2018 )

8. Go to the Zoo for the first time ( November 2018 – Something I never did as a child)

9. Zip line (August 2018 – Thailand)

10. Host a game night with friends ( November 2018 – An excuse to host + fun)

11. Become a morning person (November 2018 – working on daily habits to reach this)

12. Get my first tattoo (November 2018 – So exciting, I literally can’t wait)

13. Spend the day at a theme park (November 2018 – Embracing my inner child)

14. Eat something weird ( December 2018 – I’ve never had mogodu or mashonja)

15. Listen to podcasts (November 2018 – Instead of mindless radio, be inspired)

16. Print out pictures of milestone from the past few years ( November 2018 – Adult album)

17. Join or be part of a local park run club (November 2018 – starts so early but we will)

18. Have a debt repayment plan (September 2018 – work towards paying it off)

19. Go to the doctor for a full check up + dentist (August 2018 – make this a regular)

20. Write weekly (November 2018 – Blog every Friday, and journal every Sunday)

21. Go on a solo trip (in less than 90 days – Namibia)

22. Go Sky diving (in less than 60 days)

23. Learn how to bake (January 2018 – even if just bread, then expand on the skill)

24. Find you signature style and embrace it.

25. You are here, acknowledge and accept that you are exactly where you supposed to be.



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